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Summary SDE (Sand Development Environment) Generic IDE Framework
Categories libraries, design, construction, deployment
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) jmpiulachs

Visit The Official SDE Framework website at sde.esand.net!


The SDE Framework is designed for building integrated development environments (IDEs) .SDE (Sand Development Environment) is a kind of universal tool platform - an open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular. In this website you can find a general introduction to the SDE Framework Platform .It is entirely written in C#, and supports various project types in multiple programming languages.

Understanding SDE Framework.

So what is SDE itself? Although SDE can act as an IDE for many different languages it comes with C# and VB.net support built-in. They are provided as a sample of what can be done (and how) with this framework .

SDE refers to itself as a universal tool platform, capable of handling IDEs for many different languages. It simply defines the basic structure of an IDE.

It's important to realize that although SDE is written in managed code (C#), it's intended to be language-neutral. To develop in any programming language, all you need is the corresponding package for this programming language.

The real value of the SDE Framework comes from the many plug-ins and packages that each "teach" SDE how to work with things (source code, OO models, Web content, XML, graphics, workflow processes, video) almost anything you can imagine. SDE packages plug-ins interact with the platform and other packages or plugins. This can provide users with a seamless work experience. In fact, a user may not even realize where one tool starts and another begins.


SDE is under active development, we're seeking people who have experience with .Net (C#/VB.Net) who would like to contribute to the project.

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Screen shots

Want to see SDE in action? Check out these screenshots of the IDE, taken on a variety of diferent configurations. Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the full screen image.